Top Causes for Recurring Blocked Drains in Kingston

Living in Kingston, we cherish the rhythmic pace of life and the comfort of our homes. But what happens when that comfort is interrupted due to recurrent blocked drains? It certainly marks as an inconvenience that nobody likes. While blocked drains are a common issue in households around the world, there are certain causes that lead to a repeating blockage. Understanding these causes is pivotal to preventing recurrences in blocked drains.

So, let’s look into the top reasons for recurring blocked drains in Kingston:

1. Tree Roots: Trees can help to beautify our environment and provide much-needed shade during warm summer months. However, their roots can cause havoc to drainage systems. They tend to grow extensively and can infiltrate pipe cracks, leading to blockages. Overtime, these roots retain debris flowing in the pipes, progressively constricting water flow and eventually causing a repeat blockage.

2. Grease and Fat Build-up: Ask any plumber and it’s almost sure blocked drains kingston they’ll list grease and fat as one of the top culprits for recurrent drain blockages. Cooking grease, fats, oils solidify when they cool down and form fatty deposits in the drain pipes. A single occurrence isn’t a problem but a continuous activity leads to the build-up of a thick layer that clogs the drain.

3. Foreign Items: It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many blockages are caused by improper disposal of non-dissolvable items such as sanitary products, wipes, diapers, or even small toys. These items don’t breakdown and can easily block pipes leading to recurring issues.

4. Out-dated or Damaged Pipes: Kingston, being an ancient place, has its fair share of old properties with potentially antiquated and damaged pipesque systems. Corroded or collapsed pipes, incorrect pipe installation, or pipe joints not properly sealed can lead to repeated blockages.

5. Hair: A little hair going down the drain might not seem much of an issue, but over time, it forms a giant hairball combined with grease and other particles leading to a blocked drain. This is common in bathroom drains and can be quite a pain to clean out.

6. Heavy Rainfall and Storms: Kingston experiences its fair share of coastal storms and heavy rainfall. This often results in an overflow of stormwater and debris that the drains can’t handle, leading to blockages. The issue is typically recurrent during the stormy season.

7. Incorrect use of Garbage Disposal: A garbage disposal is a handy kitchen device but, when used incorrectly, can lead to recurring blocked drains. Disposing of hard items, fibrous food waste like celery, potato peelings or coffee grounds can clog the unit, leading to drain blockage.

Now that we have identified the top causes for recurring blocked drains in Kingston, it’s essential to take corrective measures. Regular drain maintenance and being cautious about what you dispose of down the drain can go a long way in keeping your drainage system blockage-free. If you notice signs of slow drainage, gurgling sounds, or bad odours, take immediate action to prevent potential blockage. Utilize professional plumbing services for regular inspection, maintenance, and immediate fixing of any identified blockage. Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to keeping your drains clear and your life comfortable in Kingston.